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Success Stories

Word of Mouth

A friend of mine recommended DermKing, Dr.Landon, for a skin condition that I causes to itch excessively when I'm hot. I was introduced to him through his brand new TeleDermatolgy and TeleMedicine services. The process was extremely easy; the appointment was about 30 minutes long. I explained to him every detail of all of my symptoms and the severity of what I was experiencing in that moment, and since I already knew what to condition was, he was able to provide with a remedy suitable for my specific needs. I was and still am elated with the level of service received from Dr.Landon. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, sooooo friendly. With Coronavirus lurking around I was so anxious to see my regular doctor, however, Dr.Landon eased my concerns from miles away! I would recommend him and his new Tele-services to everyone!

Shannon W.

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